Tl'azt'en Nation | About
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Chief & Council


Tl’azt’en Nation Chief and Council consist of 8 members in total with a quorum being (5). Chief and Council serve 4 year terms and have staggered elections every second year. Chief and Council represent the (3) communities of Tl’azt’en Nation namely: Tache, Binche and Middle River (Dzit’lain’li). Tache is the largest community and has representation with (4) Councillors/ Binche is the next largest and has representation with (2) Councillors and Middle River (Dzit’lain’li) is the smallest community with representation of (1) Councillor. We have (1) Chief who represents all the Villages.


  • Beverly John

Binche are in the process of separating from Tl’azt’en Nation but are currently still part of Tl’azt’en Nation until the separation occurs.

Therefore the current Chief and Council are:

Current Chief and Council*



  • Leslie Aslin (until elections in 2020) (Administration & Recreation Portfolio)
  • Bertha Felix (until elections in 2022) (O&M/Housing Portfolio)
  • Allan Roberts (until elections in 2022) (Education Portfolio)
  • Amelia Stark (until elections in 2020) (Health Portfolio)


  • Joshua Hallman (until elections in 2018) (No Portfolio)
  • Gloria Duncan (until elections in 2020) (Social Development Portfolio)

MIDDLE RIVER (Dzit’iain’li)

  • Simon John (until elections in 2020) (Natural Resources Portfolio)