Tl'azt'en Nation | Departments
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Martha Alexis

Martha Alexis has worked for Tl’azt’en Nation for 28 years as a custodian. She has:

  • Level 1 + 2 Certificate
  • Environmental Cleaning Practice Training
  • Supervisor Certificate
  • WHIMIS Ticket
  • Chemical and Detergent Training

She has worked with Margarette Galcso for 17 years, Simone for 4 years and Barbara Anatole for 7 years.

They started working as a team in 2011 when Greg Drurey put us together to clean all the buidlings, including the Eugene Jospeh School, Headstart, Daycare, Health Clinic, Ed Center, Elders Center and Band Office. They do summer clean-up of the school and daycare and Headstart and also clean offices in the summer.

Martha also orders supplies and ensures there are enough for all buidlings.