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Tl'azt'en is seeking to fill the following positions: Education ManagerPublic Works ManagerManager of FinanceSubstance Abuse Nurse - Position Filled Please see the posting below for more details. Education-Manager.pdfDownload Manager-of-Finance.pdfDownload Public-Works-Manager.pdfDownload ...

Closing Date: May 31, 2021 To Tl’azt’en Community Members: For the past several years the Natural Resource Department staff have been workingon assembling past Elder interviews into a Tl’azt’en Nation Cultural History book. Thisbook will contain stories from Elders as they talk about “long ago” and the...

Cheryl Schweizer will be assisting Tl'azt'en Nation with our election code. She will be hosting zoom meetings where community members can have their voices heard over the next few months. Please read and review the 2010 election code document. You can contact Cheryl at