Tl'azt'en Nation | Departments
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Economic Development

The mission of the Economic Development department is quite simple; to create economic development that will benefit Tl’azt’en Nation and its members.

This is done through a number of ways; the first is through small economic development grants for members of Tl’azten Nation. These grants are intended to assist Tl’azt’enne who have the skills and ability to create opportunities but may not have the start-up capital to do it on their own. Some of the initiatives that have been supported in the past include traditional artwork, photography, construction, computer sales and service, food services and small engine repair. There are plenty of opportunities like these that would be eligible for this grant program.

The second is a longer term initiative, it focuses on long term job creation and creating joint ventures that can have a financial impact on Tl’azt’en Nation. Some of the joint ventures that this department has been involved in are with Redrock Camps, Frost Lake Logging, Rugged Edge Holdings and are currently working on a joint venture with a security company called Lions Gate Risk Management.
The latest initiatives are the development of a Tl’azt’en owned and operated general contracting business, and the development of an Economic Development Corporation that can oversee this and other potential Tl’azt’en owned businesses. Economically speaking Tl’azt’en has significant potential for both jobs and income in the future.

The Economic Development department works out of the Tl’azt’en Band Office in Tachie and can be reached via phone at 250-648-3212.

Click here to view the Guidelines for $2000 Economic Development Grants (PDF)