Tl'azt'en Nation | Healthcare
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Home and Community Care

Tl’azt’en Home and Community Care strives to empower elders, families, individuals living with chronic or significant disease, and the community generally – to maintain and / or improve overall health in order to achieve optimum wellness through the life span.

Our Home and Community Care Program will promote health and independence by providing support to families and individuals, recognizing the abilities of all persons.  It will adapt care plans to enable the clients, their families and the home care staff to meet the needs of the client collectively.  Through a Quality Care approach, Home Care will strive to ensure the essential needs of comfort, safety, dignity and privacy are met and will do so in the spirit of a team approach.

Services Offered

Home and Community Care offers clinical and home care support both at the health centre and in the home environment.  Home support includes services such as wellness monitoring, medication management, education and assistance with activities of daily living.  Clinical services include higher level nursing services, supporting clients to establish and attend medical appointments, collaboration with nurse practitioners / physicians to plan reasonable and appropriate care for clients.  In addition, the program and staff strive to help with transportation challenges for individuals in need.

Successful Projects

Ongoing Elders Tea

  • supports elders gathering in the community on a regular basis

Lunch Program

  • Provides a lunch to each client at least once a week

Annual Elders Gathering

  • External gathering annually to support social networking, having “Fun” and to  learn about current activities / best practices which support elders in First Nation Communities

Brown Bag Program

  • Gathers unused medications in the community annually to reduce risk of accidental medication misuse for all community members

Relevant Public Program Affiliations

Home Care is closely affiliated with; and supported by First Nations Health Authority as well as the FNHA Home and Community Care Clinical Nursing Advisors.  In addition we communicate and collaborate with local and Regional Hospitals, Mental Health, Public Health and local physicians.  Specialists rely extensively on our program to ensure that clients are aware of and able to attend important appointments.  Home Care coordinates annual Mobile Screening Mammography and helps supports semi-annual hearing and vision screening as well.

Web Links

Clients and community members are invited to see the spectrum of services which the First Nations Health Authority now has responsibility for delivering.  Visit for further information on services offered.  Also contact Northern Health for information on local hospitals and services including Northern Health Connections bus service out of Fort St. James on Wednesdays of each week.  For specific information on diseases, immunizations and other health related topics visit .  Please call the Tl’azt’en Health Centre at 250 648 3350 if you do not have a current copy of the BC Health Guide.