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  • Seth Prince


  • Gordon Anatole


For those of you who attended the Housing Forum last year, you will recall that the idea of posting names of those not paying their rents was suggested from band members who were in attendance at that meeting.

The deficit in housing is still high yet today, despite having had staff on a 4 day week last year, and despite our efforts to reach out to the band members at Housing Forums and band member meeting to please start paying their rents. The Band’s uncollected outstanding rents are $737.699.42 (as of February 2017) Did you know that the Band pays out $50,257 on mortgages and insurance every month? If you don’t do your share and pay your current rent and pay towards your arrears, you put us into a cash flow problem because the mortgages and insurance still has to be paid on all our houses. Since March 31, 2014 over the period of 11 months, the outstanding rents went up to $67,760. This just isn’t sustainable.

This is a notice that the Housing Committees from Tache and Binche will review all the outstanding rents and start posting the names and amounts of those that are currently in default on their rent payments and those that are not paying their arrears. Council decided on the posting of names and amounts at their last Council Meeting on March 3rd. How this posting will be done and where it will be posted will be up to the Housing Committees and then implemented and made public.


For the official memorandum, please click here.

Seth Prince

Seth Prince and Gordon Anatole are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. to help with letters, housing applications etc.

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There is a Housing Policy currently being developed.

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