Tl’azt’en Nation’s Clans

Beaver (Lhts'umusyoo)

Frog (Lusilyoo)

Cariboo (Granton)

Bear (Lohjeboo)


Tl’azt’en Nation Mission Statement

Tl’azt’en Nation is a strong healthy dakelh community that celebrates and practices traditional uses as caretakers of the land


The Mission of Tl’azt’en Nation is to:

Recognize and honour Tl’azt’en cultural systems that include Elders, Keyoh Holder and Hereditary systems

Build healthy communities through promoting Dakelh heritage and identity

Oversee the operations, procedures, laws, powers and jurisdictions related to Tl’azt’en Nation and any other related activities arising from its mandate

To promote, maintain, and protect Tl’azt’en Nation Rights and Title

Motion: 2009.04.29



Executive Director: Renata Monk

Executive Assistant/Administration Manager: Cecilia Harvey

Membership Clerk/Administration: Charlene Tom

Back-up-Membership Clerk: Paul Haskell 

Receptionist for the Administration Building: Samantha Felix 

The Executive Director oversees all Departments of the Nation namely: Administration, Finance, Education, Health, Social Development, Natural Resources, Public Works, Economic Development and Housing.

Cecilia Harvey, Administration Manager/Executive Assistant works for Tl'azt’en Nation's Chief & Council as well as handling her duties as Administration Manager and supervises the Membership Clerk, Receptionist and (4) Custodians.

Charlene Tom, Membership Clerk / Administration is our Membership Clerk and keeps track of births, deaths, wills/estates, name changes and so on. Tl'azt’en Nation has 1799 members.

Tl’azt’en Nation is very fortunate in having dedicated, committed employees as all (4) staff in Administration are long term employees of the Nation.

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