Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Mission Statement

To empower Tl’azt’en Nations members to choose a healthier lifestyle by providing holistic health programs which encourage their spiritual, mental, emotional & physical well being.

The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Programs aims to:

  • Increase physical activity and healthy eating habits to decrease prevalence of risk factors (e.g. obesity)
  • Increase access to screening and improve detection of diabetes
  • Improve quality of life for those living with diabetes, and fewer complications (improve diabetes management)
  • Improve collaboration and partnership
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of diabetes, risk factors, complications and prevention strategies
  • Increase participation in the delivery of programs and supports; and
  • Improve community supports to prevent diabetes


Some of the programs that we were successful bringing to the community was:

  • Diabetic Mobile Clinic (Attends yearly) (CSTC)
  • Able to work with Nurse Practitioner and Nurses to help maintain diabetes management
  • Monthly Diabetes Workshops (Nurse) & Luncheons
  • Developed program (HEAL)-Healthy Eating Active Living – designed to teach about portion sizes, healthy foods, and energy requirements
  • Providing Splenda to Current Diabetic Clients


Farrah Alexis, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative worker

Tl’azt’en Nation Health

(250) 648-3350


Canadian Diabetes Association - https://www.diabetes.ca/

Dietician - Contact admitting for booking for more information at (250) 996-8201

Diabetic Counselor - Referral made by your doctor