Tl’azt’en Nation Chief: • Email: 

Executive Director: Renata Monk • Email

Executive Assistant: Cecilia Harvey • Email:

Membership/Administration Clerk Charlene Tom • Email:

Membership Clerk Back Up Paul Haskell • Email

Economic Development: Ron Winser • Email



Finance Controller: Lorne Brown • Email:

Payroll Clerk: Norman Alexis • Email:

Accounts Recievable: Jean Mae Felix • Email:


Natural Resources

Natural Resources Manager Bev John • Email:

NR Assistant: Kimberly Johnnie • Email:

Fisheries Manager: Darren Haskell • Email:

GIS Technician: Renel Mitchell • Email:

Transcriber/Translator: Theresa Austin • Email:

Transcriber/Translator: George Morris 

Project Manager: Allen Robert • Email:

Keyoh Coordinator: Dwayne Martin • Email



Receptionist: Laura Anatole • Email: 

Employment Services Coordinator: Carissa Duncan =

Education Manager:  • Email

Post Secondary Coordinator: Georgina Alexis • Email:

Adult Education Instructor: Susan Byron • Email:

Education Liaison: Vacant 

Sumyaz Daycare: Vera Mattess • Email:

EJS Principal: Len Merriman  • Email: 

Administrative Assistant: Charnel Quinn • Email



Social Development

Social Development Manager: 

Social Development Assistant: Pamela Felix Email:


Public Works

Manager of Public Works/Housing • Ron Winser

Water Plant Operator: Herbert Felix •

Gas Attendee: Mitchell Roberts • Email


Housing Intern Gordon Anatole • Email


Manager of Health:  • Email: 

Home in Community Care: Rose Aslin • Email:

Home Community Care Nurse: Mike Gumpel • Email:

Home Care Worker:  • Email:

Health Receptionist  Bonita Monk • Email

Patient Travel Coordinator • Cheryl Pierre

Family Support Worker: Michelle Pierre • Email:

Office Assistant :  • Email

Community Health Representative: Don Mattess • Email

Community Health Nurse: Vacant 

COHI, WS/Research Coordinator:  • Email: 

Drug and Alcohol Counselor:  Email: 

Addiction and Family Counselor Vacant 

Binche Community Representative: Vacant 

Recreation: Conrad Joseph • Email:

Justice Coordinator: Eric Mattess • Email:

Assistant Justice Coordinator : Rebecca Pierre • Email

Canadian Pre-natal Nutrition Program: Chasity Aslin • Email: (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Canadian Diabetic Coordinator: Farrah Alexis • Email: 

Mental Health Supervisor Maria Willick •  Email

Mental Health Assistant Janessa Alexis • Email



Headstart Supervisor: Diana Monk • Email:

Supported Childcare Worker: Roberta Joseph • Email:

Supported Childcare Worker Assistant • Email 

ECE: Tanya Williams • Email: