Tl'azt'en Nation | Departments
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We work for and with the Keyoh holders to create the Keyoh Council, and work to provide services to our members such as:

  • Coordinating Keyoh holders meetings
  • Coordinating meetings with industry proponents and governments
  • Develop a stewardship policy through collaboration
  • Assisting with the management of an LNG budget
  • Prepare monthly updates for Chief and Council

We have had success with many ongoing and past projects including:

  • LNG Negotiation (ongoing now)
  • 2014 signed Letter of Agreement (COA) with TransCanada
  • Setting up the Tl’azt’en Nation Keyoh Council (29 Keyoh representatives for 29 Keyoh areas)
  • Keyoh, Chief and Council protocol
  • Draft Stewardship Policy (Tl’azt’en review  and decision making process)

Dwayne Martin, Keyoh Coordinator: 250-648-3212 Ext. 316 • Email:

Chief: 250-648-3212 Ext. 243 • Email:

Visit us on Facebook at:

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