Tl'azt'en Nation | Medical Transportation Program
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Medical Transportation Program

Medical Transportation Program

Tl’azt’en Nation Health strives

“To empower Tl’azt’en Nation’s members to choose a Healthier lifestyle by providing holistic health programs which encourage their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.”

Tl’azt’en Nation Health hosts various workshops, Health Fairs so we work hard to get the message to the Community Members how to choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

Health Benefits Program

It provides supplementary benefits for a range of medical good and services to registered First Nations.  To meet medical or dental needs NOT covered by Provincial, Territorial or other third party insurance.

Medical Transportation

  • The Medical Transportation Program provides supplementary benefits intended to ensure that eligible clients have access to medically-required services.
  • It is not intended to cover all costs that may be associated with a client’s medical condition and travel requirements.
  • In order to determine eligibility for medical transportation benefits for a specialist appointment, the client must provide the following documentation:

– a referral from a general practitioner/family doctor

– confirmation of appointment from the health provider/facility.

  • Travel expenses will only be considered for services that are eligible through the BC Medical Service Plan or covered by First Nations Health Authority and is to the closest appropriate medical professional and/or facility.
  • Clients who are travelling to access medically required services are to schedule their travel arrangements in a timely matter so that they attend their appointments and return home once appointment has been attended.
  • Clients who choose to stay longer will be responsible for any additional costs and may be required to pay for their return trip back to their community.
  • After the appropriate medical travel arrangements have been made and the client has attended their appointment, the client should provide confirmation of attendance from the health provider/health facility.
  • If a Client does not attend a scheduled appointment, the Client may have to assume the cost of the return trip or of the next trip unless proper justification is provided to explain why the Client was unable to attend.
  • Meals, private accommodation, and mileage are reimbursed at rates established by the Regional Office of Health Benefits.

The Client is responsible for their own transportation costs as the mileage rate is a set rate.


FNHA Health Benefits Info Package (PDF)

For more information, please contact the Health Centre, FNHA Patient Travel Coordinator; 250-648-3350