Tl'azt'en Nation | Tl’azt’en elects Justa Monk chief
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Tl’azt’en elects Justa Monk chief

Tl’azt’en elects Justa Monk chief

Justa Monk was elected chief of Tl’azt’en First Nation on Nov. 29.

Now Chief Elect, Monk and three councillors elected will be sworn in on Dec. 10, 2013.

Paul Felix Sr. was elected as a Tache councillor, Conrad Joseph was re-elected councillor for Tache and Josh Hallman was re-elected councillor for Binche.

Monk won the election with 102 votes, Beverly Leon coming in second with 70 votes. There were seven candidates total for chief.

Conrad Joseph won his seat with 87 votes, Paul Felix Sr. with 72, only a handful ahead of Amelia Stark, who brought in 67 votes.

Josh Hallman won Binche with 39 votes, against two opponents, Gerald Anatole, who received 13 votes and Rosanna Monk with four.

Hallman, who has been working on the separation of Binche Keyoh from the Tl’azt’en Nation, said his re-election is an affirmation by the people of Binche of their support for separation.

“Our ancestors would be so proud that you are making a difference for the betterment of our nation and people and for taking another closer step back to independence,” said Hallman in a statement after the election. “Again congratulations, we are united as one and moving as one.”

Chief-elect Justa Monk was not available for comment Monday afternoon.

There are also four current councillors for Tl’azt’en who have two years left in their terms: Georgina Alexis, Rachel Roberts, both for Tache, Joe Joseph (Middle River) and Gloria Duncan (Binche).

Their terms run out in April of 2016.

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