Tl'azt'en Nation | Young Fathers
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Young Fathers

Young Fathers

Our mission is to empower Tl’azt’en nation members to choose a healthier lifestyle by providing holistic health programs which encourage their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being.

Young Father’s Support Group: Working towards a healthier tomorrow.

The Young Father’s program with coordinator Conrad Joseph provides support for young fathers in our community. We provide fathers with a chance to experience and the knowledge to harvest male moose for winter and freezer food. We also fish, providing food for winter and dried goods. Hunting includes:

  • Cow moose are strongly prohibited
  • Spring Hunting: bear, beaver
  • Spring Fishing: trout, net setting
  • On going: cleanup our reserve from thorn bushes, boulders, fallen trees and logs and trapline clean up to keep busy, if allowed

Camping outdoors and winter activities such as trapping, snowshoeing, cod fishing, setting nets under ice for char, and hunting, all for cultural knowledge, education, management and for the most support for fathers year round experiences. Building shelters, trapping, building caches (for food storage), fishing, clearing grounds and trails help fathers that need help in all ways, including spiritually and physically.

Young Fathers also learn about traditional food cooking, edible birds and various edible animals and berries.

If you don’t want to talk to any other member, we are here if need be. Everything is kept confidential.

For more information, contact Conrad Joseph, Young Father’s Coordinator at 250-648-3350 or