The Executive Director oversees all Departments of the Nation namely: Administration, Finance, Education, Health, Social Development, Natural Resources, Public Works, Economic Development and Housing.

Administration Manager/Executive Assistant (Vacant) works for Tl’azt’en Nation’s Chief & Council as well as handles duties as Administration Manager and supervises the Membership Clerk, Receptionist and (4) Custodians.
Charlene Tom, Membership Clerk / Administration is our Membership Clerk and keeps track of births, deaths, wills/estates, name changes etc. Charlene has also been tasked with supervising the Receptionist and Custodians until an Executive Assistant/Administration Manager is hired.  Tl’azt’en Nation has 1600 members.

Tl’azt’en Nation is very fortunate in having dedicated, committed employees as all (3) staff in Administration are long term employees of the Nation.