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Election Code Message

By September 17, 2021No Comments

Hadih Tl’azt’enne Elders Chief & Council, staff and band members

Tube musi

I want to express my gratitude for giving this opportunity to put in place revisions to the election code. I heard you and listen intently to your concerns. It is my wish we work through this and understand where we stand as a nation together and agree on some parts and maybe not on others. To move forward we need to ratify a code and receive a ministerial order.  We need to also understand that some changes can’t be done or undone. We can build into the code areas we feel need more work and continue to work towards a governance act, financial act, conflict resolution and ethical and code of conduct in the near future. With this election it is my hope we can come together and support those whom we elect into council and work closely with them to ensure all of these documents have our values and beliefs in them and the mechanism to resolve conflict.

Nanyoostensi Cheryl