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Final Nominations for Chief and Council 2021

By November 15, 2021No Comments

Nominations closed on November 12, 2021.  The final nomination list is below or can be downloaded at

Each of the nominees has from November 15 – 19 at 4 PM to accept or decline their nomination.

For Chief (1 to be elected)

Beverly John

Conrad Joseph

Danny Alexis

Edward Robert Jr.

Harry Austin

Leslie Aslin

Mina Holmes

Paul William

Ronald (Ron) Winser

For Tache Councillors (3 to be elected)

Alan Robert Sr.

Beverly John

Bruce Alexis

Camilla Joseph

Chasity Aslin

Darcy Monk

Darren Tom

Edward Robert Jr.

Eugenia Joseph

Geraldine Joseph

Jermaine Joseph

Kerby Johnnie

Mina Holmes

Norman Alexis

Olivia Robert

Paul Felix Sr.

Phyllis Joseph

Ruby Prince

Theodore (Teddy) Johnnie

For Middle River Councillor (1 to be elected)

John Monk

Vincent John

Walter Joseph