Seth Prince
Gordon Anatole
This is a notice that the Housing Committees from Tache and Binche will review all the outstanding rents and start posting the names and amounts of those that are currently in default on their rent payments and those that are not paying their arrears. Council decided on the posting of names and amounts at their last Council Meeting on March 3rd. How this posting will be done and where it will be posted will be up to the Housing Committees and then implemented and made public.
Updated Financial information on Housing Debt and status of the Tl’azt’en Housing dept. will be posted after the March 31, 2019 financial audit.
Housing memo click here.
Seth Prince
Seth Prince and Gordon Anatole are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. to help with letters, housing applications etc.
Contact e-mail:
Housing Manager: seth.prince@tlazten.bc.ca
Assistant Housing Manager: gordon.anatole@tlazten.bc.ca
There is a Housing Policy currently being developed.
View and print housing documents:
Housing Application
Rental Agreement
Selection Criteria
Arrears Agreement