The Justice office is committed to delivering services to the communities and All Tl’azt’en Nation members, to help create a safer/ healthier community, for future generations.
The Tl’azt’en Nation Community Justice Office provides the following services:
Respectful Relationship program,
Substance Abuse Program,
Liaison with the client and theProbation / Bail officer
Coordinate, administer, and monitor Community Justice Forums (restorative justice circles),
Act as a Liaison between the RCMP, Community Justice and the General Community,
Legal Aid Applications, Court Applications
If the clients need a ride to Court (only) to/from  Fort St James,
In Some cases the CJO may act as agent for the client if it is their first appearance and that they cannot make it to court.
Liaison between the client and his/her lawyer and with crown counsel.
Contact Erick Mattess at 250-648-3350 or Email: