Our department’s mission is to address substance use and misuse, provide on to one, youth and family counselling and to provide crisis intervention in hopes of addressing substance use for healthier lifestyles.
We provide services to members including:
One to one counselling
Making referrals to detox centres and residential treatment centres
Provide follow up and after care treatment
Network with other agencies regarding clients healing process
Introducing 12 Step Program
Healing workshops
We have also had great success with projects that we have implemented and support, including:
12 Step Program
Re-entering education to enhance self and to be self-sufficient.
If you are concerned with a drinking or drug problem, wish to learn more about drug and alcohol addictions, please call:
A-A Hotline – 250-564-7550
24 Hour Crisis Line – 1-888-562-1214
For more information about this department, please contact:
Contact Alyssa Krause @ 250-648-3350 or 1866-251-5538

Addiction and Family Counselling

The goal of Addictions and Family Counseling is to empower Tl’azt’en Nation members to choose a healthier lifestyle by providing holistic health programs which encourage their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well being.
The addictions and family counselor, Peggy West, provide many services to members, including:
One on one counselling
Residential Treatment Referrals
Detox Center Referrals
After care services for clients after treatment
Co-Worker Support (Eg. Debriefs, etc.)
Networking with Nezul Be Huneyeh, Nakazdl, health clients sent to “Return to Spirit” and other Christian workshops or conferences out of community (Grief and Loss Worshops, etc)
Advocates for clients regarding MCFD Process Mediators, court, etc
Crisis Intervention
Addictions and Family Counseling coordinates successful programs and events such as:
Health Fair Day
Lunches to acknowledge sobriety
Staff Meetings
Contact Tl’azt’en Nation Health @ 250-648-3350