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New Chief and Council Sworn In

By December 3, 2021No Comments

Newly elected Chief Ron Winser, Councillors Beverly John, Olivia Robert, Chasity Aslin and re-elected Councillor Vincent John were sworn into their new term of office in ceremony earlier today. Each was elected for a four year term ending December 1, 2025. Oaths of office were witnessed by Elder James Hanson with 35 years of service at Tl’azt’en Nation.

Pictured left to right are re-elected Councillor Vincent John, incumbent Deputy Chief and Tache Councillor Leslie Aslin, newly elected Tache Councillor (and outgoing Chief) Beverly John, newly elected Tache Councillor Chasity Aslin, newly elected Tache Councillor Olivia Robert, newly elected Chief Ronald (Ron) Winser. Missing from the picture are incumbents Tache Councillor Fabian Tom and Middle River Councillor Anita Joseph.

Stepping down from council, at the end of their terms, were Tache Councillors Allen Roberts, Darren Tom and Bertha Felix. Tache Councillor Darren Tom’s energetic contributions and sense of humour will be missed at council. In his absence, Charlene Tom accepted Tache Councillor Darren Tom’s thank you gift. Councillor Allen Roberts will be missed, his calls for Question particularly.

Heartfelt thanks were given for Councillor Bertha Felix’s service, her wisdom and thoughtful guidance will be missed at council, shown here accepting a small gift of thanks under the photo of Elders Elaine Robert, Anastasia Basil, Sarah Alexis, Agnes Mattess and Agatha Monk (left to right) hanging in the Council Chamber.

Thank you to everyone who joined the live ceremony, in-person and online. A recording of the ceremony meeting was captured with Zoom and may be viewed online at Chief and Council Swearing In 2021 Ceremony. Please note the ceremony begins at time 16:20 of the recording.

Download a copy of this announcement formatted for printing: New Chief and Council Sworn In December 2 2021