Public Works
Jeffery Prince – Manager of Public Works

Capital Projects are overseen and approved by Public Works on an annual basis via INAC Funding and scheduling.
Middle River Water Plant is overseen and operated by Gammall Joseph for general water use while in the interim a new Waterplant is being constructed offsite.  Potable drinking water is transported to Middle River by Walter Joseph until a new Waterplant can be delivered and made operational in September.
Tachie Water Plant Operators are in training and in near future all Waterplant operators will be cross-trained on each Waterplant for further security and supply of Water.  Backup operators in training to accommodate main operators vacation time-off, holidays, weekends, and the unforeseen i.e., sick leave or medical emergencies.
Employee Succession Planning and training is underway for Jeffrey Prince to accommodate our Main Public Works O&M employee, James Hanson’s, future planning and considerations.
Road upgrading is being planned for and funded via INAC.
Lift Station Repairs and replacements are ongoing and monitored by James Hanson and Jeffrey Prince to accommodate the proper removal of community sewage.
Housing Construction are based on annual applications and approval from INAC, CHMC and Tl’azt’en Nation based on our performance of Rental Income from Tenants.
Public Works Equipment Procurement or Repairs / Fixes
Volunteer Fire Department Training
Waste Transfer Station
Miscellaneous Contracts
INAC Reporting
Mechanic Shop Cleanup
Department Employee list
Public Works Manager
Jeffery Prince 
Housing Coordinator
Gordon Anatole
Water Plant Operators
Tachie – Jeffrey Prince
             – Jason Holland (Backup)
–  Norman Anatole (Backup)
Middle River 
Water Delivery
Middle River – Walter Joseph
Water Sampling
Tachie/Middle River – Walter Joseph
Tachie Waterplant – Jeffrey Prince
Middle River Waterplant – 
Garbage Pickup
Tache/Binche – James Hanson and Jeffrey Prince
Middle River – Walter Joseph
Gas Attendant
Tachie – Sherry Piche and Gordon Anatole (Department Use Only)
Snow Removal
Eugene Joseph Elementary School – Teddy Johnny
Tachie – Jean Monk (Nuz’ke Bobcat Service Contracting)
Binche – Steven Murdoch
Middle River – Vincent John and Edgar John (Middle River Tractor/Community Funds)
Middle River – Walter Joseph (Main Roads – in and out)
For any Questions/concerns surrounding publics works issues, Please contact Ron Winser @ 250-648-3212
via e-mail:

Water Plant
The water plant provides healthy and safe drinking water for the community. Jeffery Prince works seven days a week to ensure the water plant is monitored, alum and chlorine pumps are maintained and chlorine samples are taken in the community.
Recently successful projects have included having a new VFD panel installed to pump raw water from the lake. A future project for the water plant is having a complete fence around the water tower and plant.
Tache Water Plant: 250-648-3616
4707 Joseph Road