The Social Development Department is committed to developing, managing, and delivering supportive programs that enhance our department’s motto of “Healthy Families, Healthy Communities”. Also, committed to services that provide Tl’azt’en members with income support, skill development, and other opportunities as well as offering learning resources to help our communities thrive. The Social Development department assists members with the following services:
Income Assistance – basic, shelter and special needs
Adult In-home Care program for elders and disabled
National Child Benefit Reinvestment Program Initiatives
Family Violence Initiatives and Supports
Referrals for other supportive services available
Coming Soon! Active Measures Programs in partnership with TN Education Department
COPH – Child-out-of-Home support (previously known as GFA).
As well, the Social Development Department funds, coordinates, and assists in the delivery of many community events including:
Family Fairs – holiday-themed events, Back-to-School
Youth stipend program – Summer program for youth ages 12 to 14 years old
SWEP sponsorship for 15+ years of age with TN Education Department
Meals Programs – EJS, FSJSS, David Hoy
Sponsorship of Parenting programs, Parents Club
Community dinners and events
Shuttle sponsorship for clients to access services in Fort St. James
Youth initiatives – conferences, recreation, etc.
Daycare sponsorship – Past years included Toddler Circle, subsidy support to parents, and others.
NEW  Funeral Assistance procedures
Click Here for a copy of the Funeral Assistance Procedures for Band Members
These events take a lot of cooperation and dedication from not only Social Development staff but from many other partners in other departments and community. We thank all those event partners for all you do!
For more information regarding Income Assistance Program please contact Pamela Felix at 250-648-3212 or
For access to the Aboriginal Affairs Income Assistance Social Development Manual, click here.