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The Education department is committed to helping students learn the foundations of literacy and math. Our education staff, teachers, parents and community assist students in achieving the highest educational outcomes, including graduation with BC Dogwood Diploma and studies leading to diplomas, degrees and Red Seals from college and university. We also strive to develop life-long learners that will inspire and teach other community members and become law-abiding citizens that contribute to society on a municipal, provincial and federal level.

The education department assists community members with the following services:

  • Education Manager •  Georgina Alexis • Email:
  • Eugene Joseph Elementary School – 
    Principal Daniel Benzimra   •  
  • Adult Education Principal/Teacher  – Currently Vacant
    • Providing adult graduation certificates for students who have left high school
    • Also provides courses such as: Computer Basics, Foods 12, Trades Math
    • Mentorship Programs – Carpentry
  • Post-Secondary Coordinator, Georgina Alexis • Email:
  • Community Liaison: Vacant 
    • To support elementary and secondary school students that are attending school in Fort St. James
    • To support Tlazten students with scheduling, attendance, homework, referrals, home visitations, suspensions, funding – trips – skiing, & graduation
  • Employment Services – Rebecca Pierre. Email:
  • Sum Yaz DayCare, Vera Mattess Email: 
  • O & M School: Teddy Johnnie
  • Their purpose is to maintain and repair elementary school facilities and equipment such as boilers, electrical, and carpentry
    • Business Service Workers – Martha Alexis
  • Transportation Department – Harry Austin   
    • They safely transport students to and from school in the community in all types of weather conditions
    • Maintain and keep busses in good working order

As well, the Education department funds, coordinates and assists in the delivery of many community events and projects including:

  • Blade-Runners, youth initiative for boys, social/work skills
  • Teen Girls in Focus, TGIF, social skills development for girls
  • EJES Cultural Program, potlatches, cultural gathering
  • Potlatch House

For more information regarding the Education department, please contact: