Kindergarten to Grade 7

Eugene Joseph Elementary School

Eugene Joseph Elementary School (EJES) is an on-reserve, Band-operated elementary school serving the Tl’azt’en community. The school offers grades Kindergarten to 7, and boasts small class sizes and a heavy focus on special education, along with literacy and numeracy.

Generally, the school has between 4 and 5 classes each year of about 10 students in each. Each classroom has a BC TRB certified teacher as well as at least 1 Educational Assistant and/or Personal Attendant.

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Eugene Joseph Elementary School falls under the Education Advisory Committee (EAC), which is similar to a school board in some respects. The principal is a member of the EAC and meets with other members for updates and discussion on the school each month.

The principal also belongs to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHSC), as they are responsible for overseeing school grounds. The principal meets regularly with this committee about health and safety concerns at each of the departments and buildings on school grounds.

Our Success Story

Culturally Infused Education

Eugene Joseph Elementary continues to infuse cultural teachings into curriculum along with new technology.

This past year has seen some great capacity building for the school including the completion of a smokehouse, skin shack, greenhouses and composting program. The school has also been upgrading it’s technology and now has new 75” SMART Boards in each classroom, along with a class set of iPads and a school set of Chromebooks.

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School Registration

Annual Registration Deadline


Annual Intake Begins In August

Each year, all parents/guardians are required to register their child(ren) in order to attend EJES, even if they were registered the previous year. Registration generally becomes available as of the first Tuesday in August through the Education Centre. Parents/guardians can also contact the school usually starting the third week in August for registration.

No students will be registered or accepted beyond September 30th of each year. Registration must happen prior to this date. No students will be allowed in the building to attend school if they are not registered.