Serving Tl'azt'en Nation

Tl’azt’en Nation Staff

Administration & Finance

Gordon Shaw

Executive Director

Charlene Tom

Executive Assistant


Jolene Felix



Renata Monk




Nolan Guichon

Post-Secondary Coordinator

Diane Joseph

Headstart Coordinator

I’ve been working in the Early Childhood Education field for 11 years here at the Sum Yaz Daycare and 1.5 years as a Headstart Co-ordinator in Yekooche and going on my 3rd year here at the Tl’azt’en Headstart.

Roberta Joseph

Headstart Manager

I am from the Grandon Clan. I have 2 Children and 1 Grandchild. Having a grandchild made me want to learn more of our Language and Culture. I realized how important it is. I have been and Early Childhood Educator for over 20 years. This past couple of years have been a Huge learning experience for me as the Headstart Manager. I know I still have so much more to learn. So far I Love working with the family’s in our Community.

Laura Anatole

Administrative Assistant- Ed Centre

Leonie Anatole

Adult Education Assistant

Chrystal Basil

E.C.E Assistant- Sum Yaz Daycare

Shana Labatch

Language Coordinator

Vera Mattess

Sum Yaz Daycare Manager

Rebecca Pierre

Employment & Training Coordinator

Rosemary Prince

E.C.E Worker- Sum Yaz Daycare

Mandy Roberts

E.C.E Worker- Sum Yaz Daycare

Alexandra Thomas

Cultural Coordinator

Eugene Joseph Elementary School

Daniel Benzimra

EJESS Principal

Hello, my name is Daniel Benzimra and it has been my pleasure to be the principal at EJES for the past 2 years. I have had the privilege of being a part of the community for the past 4 years, and am looking forward to returning for my 5th year in the fall.

Natalie Sibbles

Vice Principal/Special Education


Emily Weber

Grade 3/4 Teacher-EJES

Hello! My name is Emily Weber and I feel very grateful to have joined the Eugene Joseph Elementary School team. I’m so excited to continue to share many smiles and laughs with our school community.

Andrea Silani

Grade 5/6 Teacher-EJES

Andrea is very excited to be teaching the amazing students at EJES! She enjoyed spending 8 years in teaching and leadership positions in England before moving here and she thinks Tache is the most beautiful place she has ever lived! Her favourite areas to teach are reading and literacy.

Crystal Mattess

Grade 5/6 Education Assistant- EJES

Hello, my name is Crystal Mattess. I have been working as a TA at the school since 2004/05. I enjoy working with the students.

Coleen Joseph

Grade 3/4 Education Assistant- EJES

I work at EJES. I’ve been here for a couple of years. I enjoy working with the future leaders of Tl’azt’en Nation. It’s amazing to watch each child grow each year. Even when they start high school I still think of them as the bond goes beyond student and teacher, we are family.

Delores Austin

Grade K/1/2 Personal Attendant- EJES

My name is Delores Austin. I am an EA in the K-2 class at Eugene Joseph Elementary School.

Mary Lou John

Language & Culture Coordinator- EJES

Karen Anatole

Professional Cook- EJES

Teddie Johnnie

Maintenance Worker- EJES

Coleen Joseph

Grade 3/4 Education Assistant- EJES

Jodie Pierre

Administrative Assistant


Leah Joseph

Language & Culture Assistant- EJES

Crystal Mattess

Grade 5/6 Education Assistant- EJES

Elizabeth Mattess

Special Education Assistant- EJES

Erick Mattess

Grade 3/4 Education Assistant- EJES

Margaret Mattess

Grade K/1/2 Teacher- EJES

Ronald Monk

Grade K/1/2 Education Assistant- EJES

Emergency Response

Wendy Hayko

Emergency Management Coordinator


Wendy has over twenty years’ experience helping small non-profit organizations, local business, international industry, and regional government plan for and respond to emergencies like fires, floods, and pandemics.


Mike Hawkridge

Ranch Manager

Natural Resources

Renel Mitchell

GIS Technician/Lands Analyst


Omineca Jack

NR Department Assistant

Derek Monk

NR Field Assistant


Darren Haskell

Fisheries Manager