Support for families

Headstart Program

Our Vision of the Childcare Center is to provide a Holistic Program. A welcoming safe and caring environment that will incorporate the 6 Components of Headstart which are:
1. Culture and Language
2. Education
3. Health Promotion
4. Nutrition
5. Social Support
6. Parent and Family Involvement
We will instill Self Esteem, Pride and Identity in Our Children so they can be successful in life.

Family Support

Headstart dedicate special days for entire families and their children. Each family member is important to the development our children. We have dedicated programs for each family member:

  • Daddy & Me
  • Grandparent & Me
  • Aunty/Uncle & Me

We have knowledge Keepers that come into the center to teach/show the children our Culture. Activities such as rabbit snaring, tsintail jus (ice fishing), preparing animals’ pelts.

Family Activities

We take the families on field trips once a month for activities such as swimming. We believe these activities help strengthen the bond between families and the community. These activities are popular with our community members.

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