Status Cards & Enrollment


Administration staff is committed to helping new and existing members with obtaining status cards and band enrollment.

Status Cards

Our Membership department is committed to helping new and existing members with obtaining status cards, enrollment. If you are inquiring about status cards, please ensure you have proper documentation and identification ready. Please visit the Government of Canada’s page for information on documentation and identification needed.

Requesting Band Transfer

If you are requesting to enroll as a member of Tl’azt’en Nation you must submit a letter and present at the Annual General Assembly (AGA). The letter must state the reason for the transfer.

If you are requesting a transfer to another community you must contact the community’s organization you wish to transfer to.

Finance is responsible for presenting accurate and timely financial reports to Chief and Council, our Members, Funding Agencies and Department Managers as required. We prepare annual budgets with all Managers and present them to Chief and Council. All Managers must take responsibility for their budgets for the Nation to remain fiscally responsible.

The Membership Clerk / Administration is our Membership Clerk and keeps track of births, deaths, wills/estates, name changes etc. Tl’azt’en Nation is very fortunate in having dedicated, committed employees as all (3) staff in Administration are long term employees of the Nation.