Building Community

Agriculture Department

Tl'azt'en Nation has established a ranch and farm to re-introduce agriculture back into the community. The ranch is a cow/calf operation with a focus on raising hormone and antibiotic free grass fed beef. Annually, the ranch will produce premium beef for the community and calves for market. The farm produces eggs as well as healthy broiler chickens, for additional sources of clean food. We review all possible additional farming activities, and work to determine if it is the right fit for the environment and community.

The Cattle Ranch

Providing food for

our Community.

The community cattle ranch is a commercial cow/calf operation that produces premium clean beef for the community and food industry. Although we focus on a medium framed cow, we are less concerned about the color of a cow and concentrate instead on a cow that is chosen for the ability to thrive in this environment. Angus influence will be noticeable within the herd, with this breed comes heartiness, maternal qualities, and quality of meat.  

The ranch is run in a way that is closer to what nature intended. We plan our calving season with warmer weather and green grass. There is no use of hormones or anti biotics, an animal that requires serious medical attention will be doctored back to health, but it is marked and sold as such.  

Horses are used in the handling and moving of the cattle herd. We believe that the cows benefit greatly from this low stress type of handling. Cattle are turned out onto open range for summer grazing, horses help find, gather, and move cows to suitable areas.  

The ranch and farm is not only a source of revenue and food, but also a source of training and community pride.   

Guiding Principles

We are committed to the health and well being of the land and its wildlife.  

We are dedicated to doing our part towards proper wildlife management and habitat protection.  

Wildlife stewardship is key to ensuring our wild resources remain accessible for our future generations.