Tl'azt'en Nation | Justice
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The Justice office is committed to delivering services to the communities and All Tl’azt’en Nation members, to help create a safer/ healthier community, for future generations.

The Tl’azt’en Nation Community Justice Office provides the following services:

  • Respectful Relationship program,
  • Substance Abuse Program,
  • Liaison with the client and theProbation / Bail officer
  • Coordinate, administer, and monitor Community Justice Forums (restorative justice circles),
  • Act as a Liaison between the RCMP, Community Justice and the General Community,
  • Legal Aid Applications, Court Applications
  • If the clients need a ride to Court (only) to/from  Fort St James,
  • In Some cases the CJO may act as agent for the client if it is their first appearance and that they cannot make it to court.
  • Liaison between the client and his/her lawyer and with crown counsel.

Contact Erick Mattess at 250-648-3350 or Email: